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Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump

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Because every rant, rave or whine goes down better with a great glass of wine!!

Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump. That’s all we hear in the news. He’s everywhere – CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC - everywhere making a mockery of our great nation and democracy. Yes, I believe he did all the things that he’s being accused of, and yes, I think he should be impeached.

But I don’t believe we as in Americans, as in African Americans should get lost in all of that. We must remain diligent in keeping our eyes on what’s actually going on like now that the Supreme Court is back in session; they will be hearing cases on abortion rights, gay rights, health care, and DACA. Also, the Trump administration would like to remove 3.1 million poor off food stamps.

We also have to prepare for the 2020 elections. We cannot let the republicans remain in control. (Sorry all of you out there who are republicans. I’m a Democrat) Can we remember the great President Barak Obama! He, to me, was the great unifier! We are all citizens of the United States, no matter how we got here, no matter what our background is and no matter what our skin color is. We cannot let one, racist man with one agenda to tear our great nation apart!

Until next time, enjoy the journey!

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