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Sep 17, 2017

Trish Standley


Edited: Sep 18, 2017



Poised, confident, talented, anointed are some of the words to describe the amazing Trish Standley. She is a gospel powerhouse with an angelic voice. Whether it’s hosting her amazing TV show Styles with Trysh (airing 1/2018), singing on some of the worlds famous gospel stages, Trish is just a down home diva who loves to take care of her family and share her wonderful gifts with the world. She truly has “Black Girl Magic”.


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    Small in stature but mighty in activism, Tiknesia Beauford has been making her voice heard in her community for over 23 years. As a key speaker of the March for Black Women – Denver (09/29/18) she spoke against youth violence, sexual abuse, and deportation. She’s a forceful advocate of protecting women’s rights. In 2017 She helped organize and mobilize over 3,000 women from the Denver area, who attended the 2017 Woman’s March in Washington DC. In addition, she helped to build Colorado’s local Woman’s March organization. Her activism spans a lifetime. She’s a member of the International Junior Chamber of Commerce serving as Englewood, CO Local President and State Membership Vice President for Colorado Junior Chamber of Commerce (1993 – 1996). In fact, she was the only African American to serve on the local and state levels of that organization’s 100-year history. She’s been an advocate for The Colorado Aids Project, Children Literacy Programs and Voter Rights Initiatives. If that’s not enough, this active woman, hosts “A Public Affair” radio show which airs on KGNU 88.5 FM Radio from 8:30-9:00 AM the fourth Thursday of every month. Please make sure you tune in!!
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    April Henderson is an Author, Youth Advocate and Speaker with extensive professional experience in the educational and social services fields. Her focus is on the needs of at-risk youth and their families. She obtained her Masters of education in 2006 and has dedicated her leadership to servicing child victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking. In addition, she assists the homeless and runaways. In 2002, she started the Restoration Home, a non-profit organization that offers programming for young women and children. April’s debut book, “A Letter to You” is comprised of 50 inspirational letters written to teen girls and young women. The letters cover various topics, from self-esteem and comparison issues, to relationships and decision making. The work is written from the perspective of an older sister/mentor talking to a younger girl. Each letter offers meaningful advice and key insights to help and encourage the younger girl. Purchase one of April’s books to help her provide monetary assistance and hope to Well Spring Living – Who’s mission is “Transforming lives of those at risk or victimized by sexual exploitation. Contact April at: to purchase a book.
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    Krys Nicole sought to create a movement and name that would forever demolish the negative connotations given to plus-size women. She started with a blog, established in2008, that highlighted full-figured women and men of the entertainment industry. During the success of her blog, Krys Nicole wrote a motivational book (“I’m Not Fat, I’m Thicksational ®”) that talked about the discrimination and pain she felt, as well as the lessons she learned growing up as a thicker girl. Thus, Thicksational became more than just a blog, but a brand with a book, dating site and apparel. Thicksational is an energy – a term that represents that you are confident, relentless, thick and sensational. Being Thicksational shows that you are removing all barriers, no longer accepting those dreadful comments that you are cute, pretty, confident or successful for a “big girl,” but accepting that you are cute, pretty, confident, and successful because that’s who you were meant to be! This brand is for any girl or woman who has been called: Fat! Obese! Large! Chubby! Big! Whatever society or people you know want to call you, the fact is you are here to stay! Get your apparel and check out the sales at !